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An AI Medical Assistant for Primary Care

SingularityMD automates physician note-taking and restores JOY to medical practice!

Doctor_s Appointment

Practicing medicine is not what it used to be.

01. Doctors have less time.

15-minute appointments make it challenging for you to provide comprehensive care. And with them booked back-to-back, when one runs longer than expected, you're left playing catch up for the rest of your day. 

02. Doctors have more administrative burdens.

You spend more time replying to in-basket messages, documenting in the EHR, and other non-clinical tasks, leaving little time for building strong relationships with your patients.

03. Doctors have less autonomy

With decision making restrictions, quality metrics, productivity targets and other requirements, you have less control over how you spend your time with patients and provide care.

Friendly Young Doctor

SingularityMD is designed with doctors in mind.

Notebook and pen

Prevent Burnout

Remove the pressure to hurry to the next patient. Reclaim control of your life and career.


Optimize Time

Automated patient triage allows you to enter the appointment with full knowledge of the patient's history, concerns, and chief complaint. 

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Improve Patient Relationships

Spend less time on the computer and more time providing focused care to patients.

You're feeling burned out!

The demands of the job, including long hours, large patient panels, heavy workloads, and emotional stress lead to physician burnout.

Doctor's Appointment

We help doctors spend more time with patients and reduce non-clinical tasks.

Our intelligent patient triage assistant optimizes your day and lessens your workload, so you can get back to the core of medicine.

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